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Portfolio: sample banners and Flash ads

Flash ads created for JDS Consulting:

  • Advertisement for European Compliance Conference, designed as an addition to printed ads: EKC 180x116 mm, EKC 235x99 mm, EKC 205x290 mm.
  • Banner for First National Compliance Conference
  • Ad for presentation "Terrorism - stop!"
  • Banner for a Specialization Course: archivisation of confident documentation
  • Banner advertising "Industry safety in practice" Seminar
  • Ad for special promotional JST package
  • Animation advertising "Security of personal data in Health Care" Seminar
  • Banner for " New duties of public administration, due to Informatization of Sectors Realizating Public activities Act" Conference
  • Creation advertising Fifth National Business Security Conference

Banners - info

Banners are a great way to promote and advertise in the internet. But for it to happen, a good Flash banner should:

  • first of all catch your attention
  • match company's profile
  • have a message that is clear, short and easy to understand (an ad should encourage the viewer to read detailed info, not to replace it)
  • weight no more than 15-20 KB
  • Flash banners should be created for Flash Player ver 7 - 8 (or earlier) when possible
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